CAS listed is a free tool for chartered professionals to undertake Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) identification checks, locate and hire aerial operators with PfCO.

PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation)

Why does CAS listed exist?

The purpose of CAS listed is to primarily allow chartered professionals quick access to CAA ID information, although anyone can freely access and use this tool. The data is kept up-to-date through notification and cross referencing CAA data on a daily basis.

How to report a mistake or not being listed?

Upholding the high standards of chartered professionals and pilots with permission from the CAA, we rely on being informed of both inaccurate or missing information. Please email us should you wish to supply information for review and approval.

Automatic inclusion of CAA PfCO drone operators

CAS listed status is free for inclusion and only available to pilots with permission from the CAA. The operator’s details are sourced from data held by the Civil Aviation Authority and updated in line with their data publishing schedules.

How to enhance CAS listed status with a profile link

Simply add a PROFILE LINK dedicated to a page on your website.

The PROFILE LINK plan runs inline with each pilot’s permission from the CAA renewal date delivering a highly cost effective entry point. Why?… to allow chartered professionals to quickly access their services.

Verify and locate Drone Pilots holding valid CAA permissions throughout the UK