Drone Pilot with PfCO?

You can WIN A FREE 12 month subscription 

Update your county now for a chance to WIN A FREE 12 month PROFILE LINK subscription worth £52

You may update/verify your county even if it is already shown within your CAS listed entry. Help us help you to be found.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Winners are drawn from weekly submissions. Subscription runs inline with your current PfCO expiry date, any remaining period will be deducted from your next renewal fee (see example). Multiple updates accepted however, excessive updates will void entry. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer without notice.

How it works

Example of a FREE 12 month subscription

In this example, we show fictitious dates for the WIN and PfCO expiry.

CAS listed runs inline with your PfCO expiry date, so to bring the FREE 12 month subscription into line we discount the CAS listed subscription of £52 by the number of days before PfCO expiry (106 days) and after PfCO renewal (209 days) – Remaining period.

FREE 12 month subscription: 106 days + 209 days = 365 days.

You make an Inline Payment on your PfCO renewal date which is discounted by the Remaining period value (209 days).

There is no obligation to make the Inline Payment if you do not wish to claim the full FREE 12 month subscription.


PfCO expiry
Pay £14.84

Remaining period

106 days

106 days

209 days

106 + 209 days = 365 days

Enter your PfCO expiry date

This calculator will show you the Inline Payment bringing your FREE 12 month subscription inline with your PfCO expiry date if you WIN today.