Googling “Local Drone Services” not delivering?

Of course, you will get some local drone services in the results. The top ones, the Google Ad ones and a few direct links to websites, which is great. But what if you want to find every local drone service business?

The top 6 places to find a local drone service

Here are 6 of the top UAV, drone pilot listing, directories and registers. This hopefully should go some way towards helping you find the right local drone service. Each is different, not only in offering but functionality too.

Drone listings, directories and registers


2,623 pilots


176 pilots


4,994 pilots


127 pilots


181 pilots


515 pilots

Note: Where pilots self manage their own entry there is the possibility that they may not hold current PfCO. The above number of pilots does not take this into account. CAS is accurate inline with current CAA published data (June 2019). Drones Directory state that they check their member’s PfCO data inline with the published CAA data too.

Pilots with PfCO


Circa percentage of current UK pilots held on drone listings, directories and registers. The data for this bar chart was compiled in June 2019. A total of 4,994 pilots held current Permissions for Commercial Operations from the Civil Aviation Authority. Each website was polled to identify or estimate the number of pilots listed.

Approved Drone Pilots (ADP)

An early entrant started by a small group of commercial drone operators. Seeing the need for a free directory, pilots register and manage their own listing. ADP holds circa 52.5%* of the UK’s drone pilots with PfCO.

ARPAS (Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems)

This one has a foot in two camps really. It is primarily a non-profit Association, however, it has a searchable directory of member UAV pilots. ARPAS holds circa 3.5%* of the UK’s drone pilots with PfCO.

CAS listed (Commercial Aerial Surveys)

Obviously, we are going to talk about CAS listed. It is ours and we believe the best of a bunch when it comes to finding both local and specialised drone services. CAS listed holds 100%* of the UK’s drone pilots with PfCO. It is marketed directly to chartered professionals although anyone can freely use the service.

Drones Directory (DD)

Established to raise public awareness of the UAV / Drone Industry and the professional drone pilots available for hire. Drones Directory check that each pilot has current PfCO and holds current insurance inline with their permissions.

Drone List (DL)

Drone List state that they are aimed at helping promote the safe use of Drones in the UK. Their main objective is not to make money but rather to educate the public. All money received for featured listings is used to supplement hosting, development and advertising costs of their platform.

Drone Safe Register (DSR)

Possibly the biggest and definitely the most publicised. Peter Jones from Dargon’s Den invested. It does the job as advertised. Drone pilots subscribe to a paid membership (Professional or Hobbyist). In this blog post, we are focusing on commercial drone services (Professional Membership). DSR holds circa 10.3% of the UK’s drone pilots with PfCO.

Verify and locate Drone Pilots holding valid CAA permissions throughout the UK