Drones and the aerial underground

It may sound sensationalist but the plain fact is that to operate a drone commercially the pilot needs to have CAA permissions. If not both they and the business or individual who commissions them is breaking the law and voiding all insurances.

Multicopter Drone

Is it a chance worth taking? 

Buying a drone

Popping into your local high street retailer or ordering a drone online does not entitle anyone to start a commercial aerial service. It will come as no surprise that there are a lot of hobbyists and businesses undertaking commercial drone work without the required permissions. Without current permissions and insurance even flying for your own business is a no, no.

Why not?... it's easy, quick and no one is looking

The chances of being caught are minimal, but this does not mean a risk should be taken. The consequences far out way saving a few pounds here and there.

How can my own business insurances be affected?

Good question, which is why we asked an insurance loss adjuster for their take on this. Obviously a lot depends on the situation that caused an insurance claim. So to keep things simple we have just given one scenario.

You commissioned aerial work and the drone pilot caused harm and damage.

With CAA permissions

Oh no, this is rare, however because the pilot you commissioned has current CAA permissions and is fully insured the matter can be dealt with quickly and professionally.


Without CAA permissions

It may still be rare but more likely to happen because the pilot you commissioned is inexperienced and unqualified. In plain Insurance English this means they are not insured and the matter will have to be dealt with under your insurance.

Unfortunately it will not as your insurance relies upon you undertaking the correct due diligence when commissioning third parties to undertake work on your behalf.


DISCLAIMER: We make no claim on being insurance experts, so our advice is to always consult your broker, insurance company or underwriter to seek your own clarification.

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